The company

Zevim is a young and dynamic company founded in 2001 that delivers and equips commercial vehicles with a modular van storage system. After the main market was initially concentrated in the Netherlands, we started exporting our van storage system to Belgium at the end of 2010. From now on, more emphasis will be put on exporting the Zevim van storage system to various other European countries.

The Zevim van storage system

The Zevim van storage system is a modular system that consists of separate components.These components can be combined in all sorts of ways to one global fit-out. The flexibility of the system allows for meeting every customer requirement. We can therefore just as easily construct customer tailored as commercial off-the-shelf fit-outs. In addition, it is our basic principle that it should be possible to operate a system with only one hand, because very often the other hand is already holding tools or other small components.

Benefits of the Zevim modular system:

  • easy refittable on other commercial vehicles (universal)
  • can be realised both made-to-measure and commercial off-the-shelf
  • very competitive

Quality Zevim van storage system

3 Zevim certitudes:

  1. (Crash)-test proof
  2. ISO 9001:2008 production
  3. Service/aftersales

3-year warranty